Why do peanuts need to be seeded? How to use peanut seed dressing

Peanut seed dressing seed dressing advantages

1. Good safety: It is the safest seed coating agent in the world for seed safety and promotion of germination.

2. Pest control: During the whole growing season of peanuts, it can effectively control the damage of mites, thrips and planthoppers, and control the damage of underground pests such as cockroaches, crickets and tigers.

3. Anti-disease: It can control peanut blight, root rot, stem rot, anthracnose, squatting and so on.

4. Promote growth and increase yield: It can promote crop growth, increase sprouting rate, produce quickly, produce neat seedlings, develop roots, thick seedlings and good resistance to stress.

5. Good growth: After the peanuts are seeded, the growth is better, the needles are more, the nuts are full, and the yield is significantly increased.

6. Safe and pollution-free: no residue, safe for humans and animals.

7. Save time, save labor and save money: one seed dressing, benefiting one season.

Peanut seed dressing method

Peanut medicinal dressing is different because of the different types of drugs used. Seed dressing with fungicide can kill all kinds of germs attached to seeds; seed dressing with insecticide can kill or repel underground pests, prevent rat and bird damage, and promote whole seedlings. Prevention and control of peanut seedling diseases, generally 25% of carbendazim seed dressing per kg of seeds; to prevent underground pests and rats, birds harm, each kilogram of seeds with 50% phoxim 2 grams of seed dressing. After seed dressing, pay attention to it. First, master the amount of the drug, avoid excessive use of the drug to cause phytotoxicity; second, immediately after sowing, sowing, can not be stored for a long time; third, the remaining seeds should be properly disposed of, controlled by humans and poultry to ensure safety .

Peanut is a leguminous crop. Seed dressing with Rhizobium can promote the formation of peanut rhizobium, enhance the nitrogen fixation capacity of roots, promote peanut growth, reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer application, reduce peanut disease, and increase peanut yield and benefit. The specific method is: purchasing the rhizobium agent, placing the microbial agent in a clean container at a ratio of 25 g of the rhizobium agent per acre of peanut seeds, adding 2-3 times of water, and then pouring it on the seed, and then Seeds can be sown by gently stirring each seed with a powder. Pay attention to the seed dressing. First, buy the bacteria with high content of live bacteria and unexpired. Use it in time after opening the bag. Second, avoid the sun irradiation with the seeds. Mix with the seeds to avoid reducing the activity of rhizobium. The peanut seeds mixed with the fungicide should not be mixed with the rhizobium agent, and the rhizobial agent can be mixed into the base fertilizer and applied to the soil in advance, and the dosage is 0.25 kg. If there is no peanut rhizobium agent, you can also choose 20-30 strong individual plants per acre in the first year of peanut growth or before harvesting, and remove the stems and leaves in a cool and ventilated place. Before the rhizobium is removed and crushed, the water is diluted and mixed.

Peanuts can be mixed with micro-fertilizers such as molybdenum, boron, iron, etc., and the yield increase effect is remarkable. Rhizobium in the root of peanut has nitrogen-fixing ability. Because molybdenum can promote the formation and growth of nodule and enhance the activity of rhizobium and nitrogen-fixing ability, the effect of peanut seed dressing with molybdenum fertilizer is significant. The method of use: 10 g of ammonium molybdate used in acre, firstly opened with a small amount of warm water, and then formulated into a 1.0% solution, sprayed directly onto the peanut seeds with a sprayer, stirred evenly while spraying, and then piled up 3-4 After hours, you can dry after drying. After the seed dressing with molybdenum fertilizer, the seed dressing with rhizobium agent is better. Boron is one of the essential trace elements in the growth of peanuts, and plays an important role in the flowering and fruiting of peanuts. Peanut seed dressing with boron fertilizer has obvious effects on promoting plant growth and development, increasing pod yield and improving quality. The method of use is as follows: 0.1% of the quick-speed boron solution is sprayed evenly on the peanut seeds with a sprayer, dried and then sown. Peanut seed dressing with ferrous sulfate prevents the chlorosis of peanuts due to iron deficiency in the soil. The method of use: 10-15 g of ferrous sulfate for use, 10-15 kg of water, formulated into 0.1% ferrous sulfate solution, soak the peanut seeds in the inside for 3-5 hours, remove and drain. sowing.

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