What are the advantages and disadvantages of Kashiwagi furniture?

Everybody in the cedar furniture should be familiar with it. The term “millennium pine” and “Wanbai” means that the cedar has the characteristics of durability and durability, and the cedar is also beneficial to the human body, so it has always been very popular. Here is a brief look at cypress furniture along with the Omido Furniture Knit. Is it OK ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Kashiwagi furniture ?


China's cypress wood is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Basin. Cypress is an evergreen tree, and has its own unique characteristics. Its classification is also more, and now the prices of cypress wood furniture on the market are not particularly expensive. The material of cypress wood furniture itself still has some advantages. The wood has a strong luster, and the cedar has a strong aroma. The growth wheel is obvious, and the yellow stripes are obvious. The texture of the furniture made with it is better, and it is also more beautiful. And cedar itself has a certain role in medicine, so it is very good for the human body. Good processing companies can make the display of cedar furniture vivid without adding too many decorations and exquisite handicrafts. Moreover, the price of Kashiwagi furniture itself is not particularly expensive, so in general, Kashiwagi furniture is still very good.

The advantages of Cedarwood Furniture

Advantages of a health: Cypress furniture has a fragrant odor, can kill harmful bacteria in the air, play a role in purifying the air and beautify the environment, but also link people's fatigue and emotional stability.

Advantages of two durable: Cypress furniture has a solid, water is not bad, will not be black, anti-corrosion insulation, anti-mosquito, deodorant, anti-leakage, anti-static, not easy to deformation, wear and other characteristics, durable.

Advantages Three beautiful: Cypress has a straight texture, fine structure and other characteristics, so Cypress furniture has a fine texture, and will not change with the time changes, and will become more smooth and bright.

Advantages Four feels good: Cypress wood furniture is delicate and hard. The texture of annual rings is clear and has good anti-corrosion properties. It has a moist color and it is like a child's skin.


The disadvantages of cypress furniture

Disadvantages of a crack: Kashiwa is prone to cracks during the drying process, so the purchase process needs to be carefully identified.

Disadvantages of the second easy bug: Cypress furniture is rich in oil, easy to produce pests.

Disadvantages Three bulky: Cypress furniture is dense, so it is relatively heavy and difficult to move.

Shortcomings in four festivals and more: cedar furniture frugal more, some people like people do not like, frugal difficult to deal with, deal with is the top grade, not good that the grade is low.

Disadvantages of five simple: Cypress furniture modeling is generally more primitive and monotonous, young people generally do not like it.

After the advantages and disadvantages of Kashiwagi's furniture are finished, you have your own answer to this problem. Kashiwagi has been the furniture material for so many years. His own extraordinary value is not worthwhile. It depends on your own. Like, want to know more furniture related knowledge pay more attention to GO good home information channel.

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