What are the 3 kitchen and bathroom renovation tips?

Nowadays, due to the constant rise in the price of homes, many people do not dare to easily replace new ones in the face of houses that have been inhabited for many years. Therefore, refurbishment has become a very common matter, especially among kitchen and toilets. renovation, there are many important points to be noted that, while there are many things with age become very persistent old, so if you want to enhance the experience at home, so a new look kitchen and toilet, kitchen transformed into an inevitable thing, then the kitchen What are the refurbishment skills ? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below and hope to help you.

What kitchen refurbishment techniques are: Kitchen

1. When reconstructing the cooking area, it is necessary to make reasonable arrangements for the function area. In addition, in the past, it was generally a single-way water supply. Therefore, a hot water pipe may be added during the renovation. However, due to structural restrictions, the waterway Changes can only be changed to water, can not be changed into the water, of course, for the new appliances should also set aside enough space for placement.

2. Because of the large amount of water used in this area, despite the fact that the ground surface has been treated with water in the early stages of construction, with the continuous aging of the waterproof material, its waterproof effect is also greatly reduced, so in order to avoid kitchen water seepage, the most Even if the kitchen waterproof layer is supplemented, it is better not to use wood flooring or leather fireproof materials.

What are the kitchen renovation tips: Toilets

1. During the secondary construction, you should understand the family's thoughts and usage habits in advance, because only living comfort and love is the most critical, so that the happiness index will be improved, especially for families with elderly people and children. The areas that need attention should also be taken into consideration.

2. With reference to the plan of the room type, there should be a general understanding of the specifications of the bathroom and the drainage level. In this way, some minor accidents will not happen during the later period of renovation. From the perspective of internal appliances, the renovation of the basin and faucet is relatively easy. Toilets are relatively more troublesome. Toilets can be relocated to the ground to dig pits, dig out the original main branch pipes, connect the original main branch pipe with a new PVC pipe, and change the drain to the designated new location.

Kitchen and bathroom decoration 3 major matters needing attention

1, more cabinets are not necessarily more useful

Some users are concerned that there will not be enough storage area in the cooking area. Therefore, more counters with more cabinets are more preferred. In fact, the selection of cabinets does not lie in more and more good, but it should be reasonable and effective. Excess cabinets not only take up part of the activities. The area, at the same time, makes the kitchen even more heavy and oppressive.

2, the hood should not be too close to the stove

In order to make this area less oily and smokey, many people think that the closer the equipment is to the stove, the better. In fact, this perception is wrong. The effective distance of the range hood machine is usually 80cm. Of course, It can be set on the basis of the height of the owner. .

3, need to consider the difficulty of cleaning in the future

Due to the particularity of these two areas, it is also necessary to consider the problems of cleaning in the later stage when dressing. Generally speaking, if the uneven surface of the tile is not scrubbed, the grease will adhere to the gaps and pores for a long time. It is difficult to remove, which affects the cleanliness and aesthetics of the entire kitchen.

Summary: The above is about kitchen and toilet refurbishment techniques. What are the contents of the explanation? I believe that you have a better understanding of the kitchen and toilet renovation skills . Of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the small series. .

Kitchen and bathroom decoration

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