Vertical demolition double suction pump structure

Single-stage double-suction demolition-pipe centrifugal pump I. Product Overview SB series single-stage double suction demolition-pipe centrifugal pump for the demolition of the structure, with smooth operation, simple structure, easy maintenance and repair, easy installation and covers an area of ​​?? Province (With ordinary horizontal pump than the area of ​​more than 30%) and so on. Its performance in line with JB / T1050-93 "single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump type basic parameters" standard. Water can be transported medium temperature does not exceed 105 ℃ or other physical and chemical properties similar to clear water. Second, the product features 1, energy-efficient: CFD CFD, analysis and calculation of the pump pressure distribution and velocity distribution, optimize the pump flow channel design to ensure that the pump has an efficient hydraulic shape line to improve the pump efficiency; 2, easy installation and maintenance: vertical pipe structure, the import and export of the pump can be installed in the pipeline as any position and any direction, installation and maintenance is very convenient; 3, then the disassembled structure, easy maintenance: a patented technology Of the demolition of the structural design, repair or replacement of mechanical seals do not need to remove the motor and rotor parts, significantly reducing maintenance time and costs; 4, flow, high efficiency: This series of pumps with large flow, high efficiency features; 5, the whole machine performance, long service life: the full use of resin sand casting process to ensure that the appearance and size of the flow channel and the pump hydraulic efficiency; high-quality parts (well-known brand machine seal, bearings), improve the overall product quality ; Y2 series of energy-saving motor, high degree of protection and insulation. Third, the working conditions Flow range: 108 ~ 2340m3 / h Head range: 8 ~ 102m Medium temperature: -15 ℃ ~ +105 ℃ Ambient temperature: ≤ +40 ℃ System maximum working pressure: ≤1.6Mpa