Tubular electric heating tube advantages and application instructions

Advantages of electric heating tube 1: one-time investment
The advantages of the electric heating tube II: small thermal inertia, high temperature control accuracy, good heating effect The advantages of the electric heating tube III: with the temperature measurement hole flange heating tube power adjustment is more convenient, so the temperature control is more convenient, it is easy to achieve automatic control.
Advantages of the electric heating pipe IV: No need for ambient atmosphere conditions, unlike the need for oxygen when the fuel is burned, so the heated object is not easily oxidized.
Advantages of electric heating tube 5: Electric heater electric heater is easy to make compact structure, easy maintenance, can greatly improve the operator's working conditions.
Advantages of the electric heating pipe 6: The heating pipe can concentrate a large amount of heat energy in an extremely small range, so that high speed heating can be achieved so that a predetermined temperature can be easily reached.
Advantages of the electric heating tube 7: The heated article can be conveniently mechanized and automated in the heating zone, creating extremely favorable conditions for the heating pipe to be used in the assembly line and the automatic line.
Advantages of electric heating tube 8: clean, no soot oil pollution and environmental pollution; electric heating tube advantages 9: mold single-head heating tube thermal efficiency. Compared with other energy sources, the thermal efficiency of coal is about 12 to 20%, the thermal efficiency of liquid fuel is about 20 to 40%, the thermal efficiency of gaseous fuel is about 50 to 60%, the steam thermal efficiency is about 45 to 60%, and the electrical energy thermal efficiency About 50 to 95%.
Therefore, in the context of advocating the country to promote low-carbon environmental protection, coupled with so many advantages of electric heating tubes, the electric heating industry will certainly develop better and better, and electric heating products will surely become the dominant players in the environmental protection arena.
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Single Wire Gabion

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