The development of renewable resources is related to the green development of our city.

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Receive old TV, old washing machine, old refrigerator. Recently, the smack of recycling of used household appliances seems to be frequent, and the acquisition of waste products has gone out of the doldrums? Many people are very curious. The author learned from the Qiqihar investigation team of the National Bureau of Statistics that the recycling of renewable resources is related to the construction of the ecological city garden city of our city. Its development status and how to develop it have received much attention. Recently, relevant personnel of the Qiqihar investigation team of the National Bureau of Statistics visited the Municipal Renewable Resources Management Office and conducted related investigations on 30 mobile acquisition personnel and 20 fixed acquisition sites in the central city. The results show that in the past three years, the recycling and recycling system of renewable resources in the downtown area of ​​Qiqihar has taken initial shape, and the recycling and utilization of renewable resources have also achieved certain economic and social benefits. However, from the perspective of the number of operators and stations, the decline is significant compared with 2013.

Recycling resource recovery and processing system is initially formed

Today, there are six processing plants in the village that produce plastic granules and strips of semi-finished plastic granules. The semi-finished products are sold to Daqing and Tianjin. Other household appliances that are still recycled can be sold to the old ones. The household appliance operators sold again, and the one-stop recycling and recycling system for recycling and processing was initially formed. According to the survey results of the Qiqihar investigation team of the National Bureau of Statistics, the recycling and recycling system of the renewable resources was initially formed, and the recycling channels for renewable resources in the urban area of ​​the city were unblocked. Compared with 2013, in addition to fixed acquisition sites and mobile acquisitions, the central city has participated in the acquisition of renewable resources. A considerable number of recycling intermediaries have basically abandoned the traditional business model of “receiving, selling,” and have been able to adopt cleaning. Decontamination, drying, dismantling, crushing, sorting and other processing pretreatment methods are used to improve the value of renewable resources, so that operators can obtain more economic benefits and increase employment.

Market down recovery points have been greatly reduced

The survey also found that although the state encourages all walks of life and urban and rural residents to accumulate renewable resources, as of the end of February 2016, there were 328 renewable resource recovery sites in the city, a decrease of 43.1% compared with the 2013 survey. 600 people, about half of the reduction in 2013.

What is the reason for this? First, the recycling price of most used items has dropped. As China's economy is in the stage of three stages of superimposition, with the decline in the prices of bulk commodities such as international crude oil and the sluggishness of traditional industries, the demand for renewable resources such as steel and semi-finished products in the developed regions in China is working together, and the supply of various renewable resources is oversupply. The price dropped significantly. According to the average price of several fixed recycling stations in the city, in February 2013, the price of brass was 12.33 yuan per catty, 8.33 yuan this year; the ordinary thin iron was 0.50 yuan per catty, only 0.13 yuan per year, and the price of 500ml small beverage bottles was half of each 3 Divided money, different paper shells, the purchase price rose from a quarter to a quarter of a kilogram, the book newspaper rose by five points per catty, the purchase price of three cents. The purchase price of TV sets was lower. 21 Yingkang color TV sets fell from 46.67 yuan to 43.33 yuan, and the purchase price of desktop computers dropped much, from 77.78 yuan to 45 yuan.

Low price, low return

With the rapid development of electronic technology, the amount of books and papers discarded has been significantly reduced. However, the purchase price continued to decline, and the buyers were not able to see the price. At the moment, some people feel that scrap is not worth the money, discard it at will, and it seems that there are more opportunities to make money. Affected by the economic downturn, the amount of scrap metal, paper shells and plastic packaging derived has also shrunk significantly. Renewable resources have declined significantly in terms of total purchases. In addition, most of the renewable resources market transactions have narrowed the bid price, and the labor costs for sorting and packaging waste products have been rising, and the revenue from the recycling resource recycling industry has dropped by 20-30%.

Renewable resources are related to the development of the environment, such as breaking new ground

At the G20 summit, President Xi Jinping mentioned that the development of renewable resources is an important part of China's green development. The investigation found that it is undeniable that there are still problems in the recycling resource recycling market in our city. Profit-seeking narrowed the scope of acquisition, so that many daily life wastes such as discarded batteries, used mobile phones, discarded plastic bags, and most glass products were not included in the scope of acquisition, and residents were discarded at will, which increased the possibility of affecting the ecological environment. The purchaser itself affects the environment. For example, in the waste collection station of the urban residential community, the waste products recovered by some sites have been messy and exposed for many years, which is not only unsightly, but also re-created in the process of classification, processing and transportation. The living environment and the city environment of the residents have been blocked. However, in the green development, the old and the new can not be ignored, and even more.

In response to the status quo, the Qiqihar investigation team of the National Bureau of Statistics suggested that the promotion of renewable resources recovery should take a benign development path.

One has to become disordered in order. The setting of renewable resource recycling outlets will be prioritized into urban development planning. The urban management department should strive to standardize the waste recycling stations in the urban area to a reasonable position. It is recommended to set up 1,500 households at intervals, and ask for one. One day clear. Relevant departments will guide and guide the citizens to classify and manage the sale of used and discarded items.

Second, we must establish a renewable resource trading market or a recycling resource recycling industrial park. The waste materials in the downtown area should be transported to the distribution market for trading in a timely manner, so that no inventory is left at the recycling site every day. In addition, the construction of renewable resources recycling and environmental protection industrial parks is accelerated, and the recycling, sorting, transshipment, processing and utilization of the renewable resources are concentrated. Dealing with the industrialization pattern of one, driving employment, producing high value-added products, and facilitating the recycling and modernization of waste materials.

Third, with the financial compensation as the basic support point, the waste materials with greater damage to the ecological environment will be fully included in the scope of recycling. Such as waste batteries, waste plastic bags, glass products, used mobile phones, discarded ceramics, etc., to promote renewable resources purchasers take the initiative to recycle the above-mentioned waste materials, to protect the ecological environment and reduce pollution by practical actions.

Fourth, encourage and guide all industries and urban and rural residents to accumulate and resell renewable resources. In the current recession of renewable resources, it is still necessary to mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society to resell renewable resources, promote the recycling of renewable resources, enable sustainable use of resources, and strive to maintain a good ecological environment.

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