Sun roof material what good sun roof material advantages and disadvantages

The sun room is commonly called a glass house, which is a non-traditional building. Its building facade is generally made of a sun panel, and it can also be entirely glass-selected. Sun room provides all kinds of special glass roofs such as tempered, laminated, hollow, etc. according to various needs. It is novel in design, beautiful in design, safe in structure, high in closed process structure to ensure that the seal is not leaky, and has heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproof and UV protection performance. So, what material is good for the sun roof ? Do not worry, following the small series together to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the sun roof material analysis.

Sun roof material what good sun roof material advantages and disadvantages

Speaking of what kind of materials the sun room is good for, this is to talk about the type of sun room.

The quality of the sun room must first be reflected in its structure. The structural fastness of the sun room determines the service life of the sun room. Refinement can ensure that the sun room looks beautiful, in addition to advanced equipment, but also requires extensive experience in mechanics, fastness, instrument testing, can also be measured. Beautiful, it can only feel, perhaps - a fixed needle is too conspicuous, but also affect the beautiful bright can do is the main keel wall does not reveal - a tree nail head.

Sun roof materials mainly include: tempered glass, sun board, color steel plate, Degowa, broken bridge aluminum and so on. The traditional craftsmanship on the top of the sun room is tempered glass, and the second-generation thermal insulation sun room and the third-generation broken bridge room that emerged in the later stage are currently listed one after another: After the top material is changed, the glass roof sun room is overheated in summer. The problem.

Sun roof materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, must be considered before making it according to their own needs:

1, tempered glass top: (advantages) The best is the permeability of the glass roof sun room, (disadvantage) good permeability of the glass is bound to heat insulation and insulation is not very good.

Glass top sun room: The glass sun room is made of high-strength carbon steel welded to the frame material, with a solid structure, and the introduction of foreign advanced spraying technology to maintain the paint for a long time as new, never rust. The glass roof of the sun provides various types of special glass roofs such as tempered, laminated, and hollow. Around the surface with plastic steel, broken bridge aluminum, glass curtain wall and other materials. Cost 480 yuan / square meter. Through the heat treatment process, the glass has good mechanical properties, and the glass product with broken fragments to achieve safety requirements is called tempered glass. Glass is a brittle material characterized by its high compressive strength and low tensile strength, and is therefore easily broken. The chips have sharp edges that can cut the skin, hurt the body, and cause bloody accidents.

2. Caigang Top Sun Room: (advantage) The heat insulation and heat preservation of the color steel plate is better, and the (disadvantages) the color steel plate is not transparent and the color tone is not on the grade.

The steel and aluminum structure of the sun room is mainly due to the fact that some sun rooms are too large. Due to the high strength of the steel and the ease of welding, steel frames and aluminum welding rods are used. Build a large sun room. In China (especially in Beijing), because the sun room is a new thing and the price is relatively high, in order to reduce costs, a steel-aluminum composite (ie, a ladle aluminum sun room) is adopted, and steel is used as a structural body to satisfy the strength problem. The aluminum as a surface decoration makes the sun room durable and more beautiful.

3, De Gauva top sun room: (advantages) There are five layers of De Gawa, sauna board and other top insulation, good insulation, colorful appearance beautiful and beautiful, (defects) not good enough color light, the price is relatively high; You can open the skylight at the top and design a tall window all around to help with lighting and ventilation.

The roof of Degowa Sunlight consists of five layers: the first floor is De Gova, the second floor is the waterproof layer, the third floor is the cement board, the fourth floor is the big core board, the fifth floor is the sauna board; The surrounding area of ​​the tile sun room is made of plastic steel, broken bridge aluminum, glass curtain wall and other materials. The De Gauwa Sun Room has a novel style, a beautiful design and a safe construction.

4. Broken Bridge Aluminum Sun Room: (Advantages) The skeleton is filled with hollow glass steel in the middle of the broken bridge aluminum, with good permeability, good thermal insulation, and (disadvantages): the cost is relatively high.

The broken aluminum alloy heat-insulating frame is used as a framework to achieve a good thermal insulation performance. At the same time, it completely overcomes the “self-supporting” technical problems that cannot be solved at present in China. The surface of aluminum alloy profiles is treated with high temperature electrostatic powder coating, which is non-polluting, smooth surface, does not fade, and does not fall off; it is durable and will not be oxidized. The service life of the broken bridge aluminum sun room is about 50 years, and its color is 20 fade;

The design of the aluminum section of the broken bridge in the hollow section of the cut-off aluminum section is also very characteristic. Taking advantage of the hollow advantages of aluminum profiles, EIB bus technology is used to connect wind sensors, rain sensors and temperature sensors with external electric shading systems and electric sunroofs, and the wires are routed from the hollow position of the aluminum profiles to make external shading systems, electric sunroofs and All kinds of sensors are integrated into one body, and they are automatically turned on and off according to changes in the interior and exterior environment of the sun room to realize real intelligent control of the sun room.

Conclusion: The quality and material selection of the sun room is very important. To do a good sun room, we must start from the material to buy good materials. First of all, it is not a brand-name product. Because it is a famous product, so there is quality assurance. It depends on the inspection report and the environmental protection standard. Make the finished product manufacturer. The above information about the roof of the sun roof is easy to introduce here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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