Small apartment home decoration notes 7 details to help you create beautiful and practical small home

Due to the increase in housing prices, most users are now more inclined to purchase small houses. Due to the small size, there are many issues to be noted in the renovation. Of course, only the space will be fully utilized. Does not appear too crowded, and has a comfortable living experience, the following Xiao Bian will give you a brief introduction to the small family home renovation .

Small family home decoration matters needing attention

1, do not blindly follow the trend

Many users will directly choose modern minimalist style when they are decorating. In fact, not every type of room is suitable for this style. Blind followers will lead to unsatisfactory results. The choice of style should be based on the structure of the family. Practicality and personal preference are the best.

2, do not blindly use dark colors

Since dark colors contribute to the effect of weakening the size of the living room, many people like to use this color system to decorate large-scale walls and achieve deep and steady results. However, in large-scale use of this color system, there will be a kind of crowding. The sense of pressure, on the other hand, feels that the space is reduced. Therefore, for small-sized units, it is recommended to use light colors as the preferred color, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the color system is not too complicated.

3, avoid excessive storage

In the decoration of small rooms, most people focus on storage. Although adequate storage can save space and extend visual effects, it is also reasonable to use space while over-inclusive. It will make the space more dense and crowded, giving rise to a feeling of depression.

4, do not blindly emphasize the regional division

Due to the relatively narrow scope of this type of housing, the emphasis on regional division in the layout will make the areas in the space more narrow. At this time, we should consider more open and interactive layouts, such as the guest restaurant. , open kitchen and so on.

5, to avoid too few outlet

Some users save a lot of switch sockets in order to save costs. In fact, this method of saving money is not right. Regardless of the size of a house, if there are too few switch interfaces for decoration, it will cause many problems for subsequent rework and daily living. It is inconvenient to set the number of outlets reasonably.

6, should not be easily modified

Although the scope is small, but its structure is more complex than the general, so it is not appropriate to easily remove the bearing wall, air duct, flue, or change the sewer and electricity and gas during construction. If the weight is low, it will cause nodes and cracks, while it will affect the load-bearing structure of the whole building and shorten the life span of the house.

7, not hard partition

During construction, hard partitions are not recommended, which will not only increase the difficulty of operation, but also make the room very narrow. In addition, when this kind of room is decorated, it is best not to make complicated ceilings. Of course, if the shape of the ceiling is too regular, it will also Makes the spatial sense of smallpox strong.

Summary: Well, the above is about the contents of the small family home decoration notes introduced, and hope to provide some help to you, I believe that in the future of small apartment home decoration precautions, friends will be more handy, pretending to be satisfied with their own effect.

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