Silver Crown smart lock features and technical parameters

Nowadays, smart locks have a variety of functions. The rich functions are more in line with our modern life rhythm, which makes us more secure and safe. So, do you really understand the characteristics of it? The following details for everyone under the silver crown smart lock features.

Silver Crown smart lock features

Door lock appearance material

The panels and handles are made of stainless steel, which has better panel strength and handle strength than other brands of hotel lock materials, and is more resistant to damage and has a longer service life.

Door lock surface treatment

Adopt Japanese nano-materials, do not fade.

Cylinder wear-resistant material

The first powder metallurgy material clutch, refused to card the motor.

Free lock cylinder design

When the clutch is closed, the handle is stressed, and the anti-malicious handle is damaged to damage the inner cylinder.

Do not disturb

After the guest unlocks the door lock, the red LED will flash red, which means “do not disturb” and prompt the waiter.

Mainboard innovation process

The introduction of international electronic door lock special thick film integrated circuit technology, will be applied to the smart lock, so that the product has a good moisture, waterproof, dust, seismic, anti-aging properties.

Appearance characteristics

Simple and elegant, it incorporates elegant art elements, fashion guides

Data interface function

Provide dynamic link library that can be combined with any hotel management system at home and abroad to realize the sharing of hotel information resources. chip


Silver crown smart lock product parameters

Power supply: DC 4.8V-6.4V, four 1.5V LR6 high performance alkaline batteries;

Static current: <15 microamperes; Dynamic current: <120 milliamperes;

Storage temperature: -20~+85°C; Storage temperature: 10~85%RH: Working temperature: -20~+60°C; Working temperature: 15~85%RH:

Induction frequency: 125K Hz; Sensing distance: 45mm

Alarm voltage: 4.8V, the red light is on when the door is opened, the buzzer alarms, and about 50 times can be opened at this time;

Silver Crown smart lock is indeed a smart lock that is very good to use, complete functions, good protection performance, very convenient to use! In line with our current life requirements. Thank you for your visit

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