Shop decoration is an essential step for e-commerce

From a certain point of view, a clothing store is not only a product but also a shopping atmosphere that guests experience. This requires investors to make efforts in decoration. If you want to do a good job of decoration, you will need to spend more money, and simple decoration may not attract consumers to stop and you will lose business opportunities. In the end how to balance the relationship between the two, to achieve both the purpose of saving money, but also to attract customers? How to do Taobao shop decoration ? Taobao shop decoration need to pay attention to what matters? Taobao shop decoration is a shop facade kung fu, people pleasing store decoration can be Allowing buyers to stay longer, resulting in the conversion rate of the shop has been improved. Today I came to analyze the points of attention for the decoration of Taobao shop.

How to do Taobao shop decoration?

One, baby pictures

The product image is an indispensable part, and the handling of the picture must be very careful so as to achieve a best state.

1, the appropriate size

When you open a store, you find that it has been loading for a long time. What do you think? Because the picture is too large, the whole shop is in a buffer state, leaving a bad impression for the buyer. It will stay in your shop for a while; but don't let the picture be too small to show the best effect of the product.

2, the right amount

Product picture is a very important word: fine, so the picture is too much, and can not bring any benefits, but will also delay the opening time of the page, so baby pictures to be refined, and the number of appropriate circumstances.

Second, product details

The picture is good. Click has been made. The next step is conversion. If the conversion is high, it depends mainly on your product details page.

1, scene map

The beautiful scene map is indispensable, it allows buyers to bring in the scene, feel the selling point of the baby, and stay for a long time.

2, details page content

Baby's parameters, materials, selling points, etc., are all buyers want to see, can help them further understand the baby. To do more detailed, can be properly contrasted to enhance the baby's advantage.

3, after sales

After-sale is also very concerned about the buyer, in the details page indicates the package, 7 days no reason to return the word, can increase the buyer's desire to buy, to attract more consumers to buy.

Third, the product detailed description

The buyer has a general understanding of the baby through the details. Next, it is necessary to highlight the baby's advantages and characteristics, and it is necessary to describe it in detail.

1, baby detailed information

Let dealers provide baby's "personal information", such as: origin, after-sales, performance, etc. Through the improvement of information, it is possible to get the trust of buyers.

2, collect feedback from buyers

Buyer feedback on the baby is very helpful to the seller, even if the seller is using his own baby, can not find too many problems. Collect information from buyers, improve the product's shortcomings, and further open the market.

3, learn from the excellence

A kind of shop, we should learn from each other, especially the old shop, more to learn. Learn from the advantages of other stores to give yourself an edge.

4. Discover the brand story

Brand story can establish the image of the brand, so that buyers have a certain degree of trust in the brand.

Editor's summary: The above is the shop decoration is an essential step for e-commerce business investors need to work hard on the introduction of the relevant knowledge, ignoring the connotation of the shop decoration, will definitely give the buyer a vain feeling, taste is wrong, affect The buyer's experience, so do not just focus on the appearance of the shop, internal essential.

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