Restaurant chain decoration design skills restaurant chain decoration notes

The people take food as their day, the top priority in people's lives when they eat. The people in the city are busy with work all day. They often do not have enough time to go home for cooking. Therefore, the number of people who choose to eat out is more. This has, to some extent, promoted the development of the catering industry, among which the chain restaurant business is the most popular. So how should a restaurant chain be renovated to attract customers? The following article will share these issues with you and look forward to helping those who need them.

Restaurant chain decoration design skills

Everyone pays attention to the use of decorative colors when decorating the storefront. From the point of view of mind, warm-colored restaurants can promote people's appetite. Therefore, it is recommended that you decorate the storefront with warm colors such as orange and red when you decorate. Create a warm atmosphere for dining.

Restaurant Chain Decoration Design Tips II

Everybody must first determine the approximate decoration style before decorating, then choose the corresponding tableware and dinette according to the shop style. In general, their style corresponds to this: 1) Glass dining table. Corresponds to modern style, simple style. 2) Dark wood dining table. Correspond to Chinese style, simple style. 3) Light wood dining table. Corresponds to natural style, Nordic style. 4) Metal carved dining table. Corresponds to traditional European (Western European) style. 5) Concise metal dining table. Corresponds to modern style, simple style, metalism style.

Restaurant Chain Decoration Design Tips III

Food and beverage outlets need to use a large number of dining tables. When choosing a table, everyone should pay attention to the size of the shop. For example, a small dining room with a large dining table is not appropriate. Due to the actual problem of purchasing, it is difficult for buyers to get their products to the scene for comparison. Therefore, after measuring the preferred size of the table, you can get a full-scale comparison at the site. This would be more appropriate and avoid too much. small.

Restaurant chain decoration design skills four

Many shopkeepers place fine dining cloths on the dining table when setting up the restaurant. This is mainly based on two considerations. One is to make the restaurant more elegant, and the other is to make it easier to clean. The table cloth should be dominated by fabrics, and there are many options on the market. When using plastic table cloths, when placing hot objects, the necessary thick pads, especially glass tables, may cause unnecessary thermal cracking.

Restaurant chain decoration design skills five

In order to allow customers to have a better experience, everyone should consider ergonomics when purchasing dinettes. It is best to sit down and experience them personally. For example, the difference between the height of the chair and the table is about 30cm, too high or too low. Both will affect normal posture; the backrest of the chair should feel comfortable and so on.

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