It will be! Vanke is about to push the first smart home hardware

Vanke has always been a smart home and a smart city. Recently, it has also launched its first smart hardware product, the “Neighboring” new wind removal machine.

“Neighboring” is a wall-mounted fresh air decanter, which is only the size of an ordinary drawer and combines the traditional fresh air system with a domestic air purifier. At present, 1000 products are ready to be distributed in batches in ten cities within Vanke, and are limited to pre-sales. The lowest price in the market is less than 1,000 yuan.

Vanke has also developed products such as water purifiers, touch switches, and intelligent robots. The ultimate goal is to gradually radiate from the single piece of intelligent hardware to the integrated smart home.

At present, the intelligent hardware including Vanke “Neighboring” adopts its own brand and is produced by Vanke Construction Research Center. Shiyu, the deputy general manager of Vanke Construction Research Center, directly leads this new business.

Wang Shi once said at the Bund International Financial Summit in July that Vanke's transition to technology is an inevitable trend. “Wanke has been engaged in residential industrialization and green building for many years. There are 6,000 white-collar workers, and more than half of them are engineers. In fact, Vanke’s technical attributes are already very obvious.”

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