Inventory of the most popular anti-theft artifacts

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Inventory of the most popular anti-theft artifacts in the family, invisible security window
Invisible security net
Inventory of the most popular anti-theft artifacts
Doors and windows are the primary level of home security. The invisible security window is an anti-theft artifact popular in ordinary households. It is different from the traditional security window. It has the characteristics of invisibility, beauty and practicality. It not only does not affect the line of sight, but also provides a panoramic view of the city.
More importantly, the invisible security window has an intelligent disconnection alarm function. If the thief cuts the wire of the security window, the scene will emit a scream of 120 decibels. At the same time, the disconnection detector will also send a signal to the alarm host, automatically dialing the user's preset phone number, including the property security center phone, the owner and family phone, the local police station on duty, etc., so that the thief has not entered the house to scare Escape.
       Inventory of the most popular anti-theft artifacts 2, intelligent surveillance camera
Home smart monitoring security
Inventory of the most popular anti-theft artifacts
IoT technology has allowed us to see a lot of new ways of playing traditional technology. The birth of intelligent surveillance cameras is one of them. For the 360 ​​smart camera with the largest number of users at present, the original intention of the design is to focus on family safety. After successfully connecting it to the app on your mobile phone, you can see everything in your home from anywhere, anytime, anywhere, and remotely monitor against burglary.
How does a smart camera function as a home security? It is understood that after installing 360 smart cameras in the home, set sensitive windows and other sensitive areas on the mobile APP in advance. If a 360 smart camera appears, it will automatically capture the photos and save them to the cloud, and an alarm will be given to the owner. If the unfortunate property is stolen, the evidence can be transferred to the police to help solve the case quickly. 360 smart cameras have more intelligent functions to protect users' home security, which is a veritable "housekeeping artifact".
        Inventory of the most popular anti-theft artifacts three, intelligent anti-theft lock
Intelligent security door
Inventory of the most popular anti-theft artifacts
The security door is an important barrier to ensure family safety, and the key to the quality of a security door is the lock. The smart anti-theft lock is simply a physical keyless system that implements authentication through Bluetooth, contactless IC card technology, touch sensing technology and anti-spy key technology. The user's mobile phone, IC card or fingerprint is the key, as long as Automatic locking can be achieved by approaching or leaving the gate at a certain distance. At the same time, we can also authorize family and friends to get rid of the trouble of carrying and storing traditional door lock keys, and it is also more convenient to protect family safety.
        The most popular anti-theft artifacts in the family 4, home alarm
Home alarm
Inventory of the most popular anti-theft artifacts
The home alarm can prevent theft and warning. Once someone enters the home, the burglar alarm will notify the owner through the mobile phone card or the network. At the same time, the alarm will be on-site, which can effectively deter the illegal intruder to protect the person. Safe with property.
The above models are more common and more useful in the ordinary family of anti-theft artifacts, but relatively cost-effective 360 ​​smart camera is the most acceptable. With the gradual maturity of Internet of Things technology and intelligent technology, it is believed that more intelligent home security products will enter our lives and protect family property and personal safety in all aspects.

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