Internet smart TV brand recommendation - Xiaomi Leshi

The Internet smart TV brand is one of the smart TV brands, and its market share occupies a large position. If you are going to buy this type of TV, Xiaobian recommends 2 brands to you here - Xiaomi and LeTV.

Internet smart TV brand recommendation: Xiaomi
The cumulative sales of Xiaomi TV/Box in the previous year has exceeded 15 million; it can be said that it has occupied most of the market sales, not only has a high opening rate, but also a good reputation. Sales is also a strong evidence of the strength of rolling everything!
Millet TV 3S
With original Samsung full HD LCD screen, 178° wide viewing angle and 4000:1 static contrast ratio, built-in MACE-Pro3 UC third-generation HD quality engine for better picture quality experience. In conjunction with the independent research and development of the bottom-side backlight, the LED material and crystal arrangement were redesigned for the screen to achieve the first-class energy efficiency standard.
Millet TV 3s
Internet smart TV brand recommendation: LeTV
LeTV's development in recent years is also very good, all kinds of big events, and their most correct and effective strategy is to transfer the selling point from hardware and software to content and services.
LeTV Super 3 X55 Pro
Super Voice 2.0 and Gesture Control, the new H.265 encoding. Its screen size: 55 inches, resolution: 4K (3840 * 2160), LCD panel: LGD true 4K LCD screen, response time: 5ms, HDMI interface: 3 * HDMI. USB media playback: Supports 60 frames of H.265 format 4K view. The operating system is Android, the recommended viewing distance: 4.1-5.0 meters.
LeTV Super 3 X55 Pro

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