House decoration Daquan big secret

With the continuous development of society, people's living standards are constantly improving. Then everyone buys a new house. After they buy it, they will want to refurbish it. This is a question that everyone will be more concerned about, in order not to let everyone have many doubts, this site Xiaobian today for everyone to introduce the complete information on the house decoration.

First of all, the kitchen is renovated. The kitchen decoration is to sit on the door to the Kyrgyzstan. This is the basic principle of the kitchen renovation. This is beneficial to the health of the family and the harmony of the husband and wife. In the furnishings of the kitchen, it must be placed in a fixed and accurate position. The washing machine should not be placed in the kitchen or the kitchen. It is because the kitchen is where the kitchen prince resides. The sacred place and the cleaning of unclean clothing can affect fate. Fortune. So we must pay attention to this point.

Second, the bedroom was renovated. The bedroom is a place where everyone is often used, then there will inevitably be mirrors in the bedroom. At this time, people will not know where the mirror is placed. Some people will put the mirror on the bed, so this will be bad and it will be a bad cause for the family. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to this issue when installing the mirror. Everyone can choose to put the mirror in the closet, so that when you use it, you can pull it out. When you don't use it, you can choose to put it in. So this is good.

Third, the study decoration. The book and kitchen in the study should not be too high. Do not let the desk feel oppressive. The desk should not be placed under the beams. At the same time, the study room lighting should not be too strong, and the electric appliances should not be too much, because in that case the radiation is relatively large. It will be bad for the human body and will affect everyone's body. The study is a place to study, so you must choose a better one and compare well with your body.

What are the above-mentioned points? The above points are the introduction of the website Xiaobian, I believe we will have a certain understanding after reading, so that everyone will be better when the decoration of the room, will let everyone Save a lot of time. If you do not understand what, you can go to our website to see, here are all aspects of home improvement knowledge, I believe we will be able to find their own knowledge.

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