Food Industry News: New Products for Beer & Beverage Industry

The 8th China International Beer and Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held on October 20-23 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. In this exhibition, many exhibitors

The company's new products have been displayed in recent years. In order to allow professional visitors to understand the exhibits in advance before the exhibition and have targeted exhibitions, we have conducted some communication with the exhibitors and will display new products for the exhibitors.

Exhibition exhibits are displayed in advance. The following are some brief introductions of new products. More information can be communicated and understood with exhibitors during the exhibition.

Lehui (Group)

Booth number: 2001

Brief Introduction of 24000PBH Aseptic Cold Filling Unit Technology

First, product characteristics

This unit is suitable for cold filling and capping and sealing of aseptic environments for PET bottles without aerated juice drinks, neutral beverages and coffee drinks with PH> 4.6 and liquid milk. Have mutual independence and mutuality

Contact and control the mechanical, control, microbial barriers, and quality control assurance systems that work together under the control of the host computer. Strong sterilization guarantee: bactericidal effect ≥Log6, fungicide residue

Quantity ≤ 0.5ppm. With energy saving, environmental protection concept design features. It is technically at the leading position in China and has filled gaps in many fields of domestic aseptic cold filling technology, and has become a peer mark.

Zhi products.

Second, the main parameters

Disinfection, number of bottles washed
Number of disinfecting and rinsing head


Filling valve head
Number of filling head


Capping head number
Number of capping head


Rated production BPH
Nominal capacity

24000 (500mL)

Applicable bottle height mm
Suitable bottle height


Replace bottle bottle system parts
(To change some accessoies of the bottle conveyor system)

Applicable bottle diameter mm
Suitable bottle diameter


Main drive motor power Kw
Main motor power


Total motor capacity Kw
Total motor power


Wash bottle sterile water pressure Mpa
Aseptic water pressure

0.25 to 0.3

Wash bottle disinfectant pressure Mpa
Disinfectant pressure

0.25 to 0.3

Filling material pressure Mpa
Filling product pressure

0.05 to 0.06