Eight Immortals Table Size Introduction How to Place Eight Immortal Tables

Nowadays, few people use the Baxian table as a table, but for those who have some years of experience, they still have a special liking for the Baxian table, and the Baxian table is also one of the best match for the Chinese style home. So what is the Baxian table? What is the standard size of the Baxian table? How to place the Eight Immortals table? The following furniture network Xiaobian comprehensive multi-faceted information for everyone to make answers to solve everyone's doubts.


What is the Baxian table?

The Baxian table is one of the traditional furniture of the Chinese nation. It refers to a square table with four sides of equal length on the tabletop and a wide table on the table. Four sides of a large table can be seated by two people on each side. Eight people are surrounded by four sides.

The size of the Baxian table

The Baxian table is a square table with a relatively large size. It is reasonable to use wood without wasting. The stability is excellent, and it is undoubtedly the best choice for a banquet hosted at home to invite guests to use Banxian table. It looks neat, the water chestnuts are clear and symmetrical, and it looks very nice. Ordinary household eight-star table size is about 100*100*88cm, and the eight people are not crowded. The table side length of the eight-table table is generally required to be 0.9 meters or more. There is no real fixed size and it is suitable. The size of a common square table is one square meter. It can also be increased or decreased according to the room area and layout, as long as the side length is not Below 0.9 meter is good.


Eight Immortals Table Style

The Baxian table has been a common table for folks since ancient times. The eight immortals are named because the table is square, and each side can sit two people. The four sides can sit around eight people. There are also legends to commemorate the merits of the Eight Immortals. The shape of the Baxian table is relatively simple. It consists of only three parts: the leg, the side, and the dental plate. The style of the Baxian table is mainly divided into two types: waist and no waist.

What is the waist shape? The early Baxian tables were basically without waistbands, that is, their legs were straight and connected to the ground. Later they were improved and they were contracted into the lower part of the tabletop. Just like women tightened their waists, they were called waists. The corset form softens the overall lines and makes it more attractive. Now, it also uses the waist shape.

There is a waist-shaped table of eight immortals. The width of the table top is wider, which is more convenient for playing troughs and increasing the stability. Its lower part of the desktop has been contracted into it, softening the overall sense of the line, it looks like a girl with a shy look, more beautiful. The dental plates also sculpt all kinds of exquisite auspicious designs, silently highlighting China's cultural heritage.

In order to be more beautiful, some of the Eight Immortals tables will also be carved on the tooth plate auspicious patterns, or use hollow design to decorate embellishment, and some Eight Immortals table will be used porcelain, beech, marble and other materials for the desktop, more smooth and beautiful, into Modern atmosphere, even the modern decoration style of the room is also very suitable.

How to place the eight-table?

The Baxian table is a square table with a relatively large size. In the traditional hall furnishings, it is often combined with the case and the teacher's chair and placed in an important position on the axis line of the hall opposite to the north wall. With the big side facing forward, wiping his head toward both sides, the beautiful pattern is facing forward, and the expansion joints are facing backwards. This way, the square table will not be reversed. This also applies to a type of furniture with a symmetrical table.

About the introduction of the Eight Immortals table size and its style and other related knowledge is introduced here! The above eight-star table size is for reference only! Hope to help everyone. For more information, you can follow the GO Home Information Channel.

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