Application of thermal compensator in pipeline

The application of the thermal compensator in the pipeline, in the thermal recovery process, the design of the pipeline must take into account how to absorb or eliminate the thermal stress, so that the pipeline has sufficient flexibility, so that the pipeline system meets the corresponding force requirements. Natural compensation and pipeline thermal stress corrugated compensators are generally used as thermal compensation for piping systems. The natural compensation is to compensate the displacement of the heat pipe system by utilizing the deflection of the pipe itself in the curved pipe section, but the thermal compensation range is limited. When the natural compensation can not meet the requirements, the compensator is usually used to absorb the thermal displacement. The characteristics of the thermal stress compensation device in the actual application process are to overcome the shortcomings by overcoming the expansion deformation and movement of the pipeline system, the oil pipe and the tree, which can effectively eliminate these deficiencies and improve the thickness. The benefits of oil-heat injection are obvious, and the actual capital investment required is small, which is suitable for promotion and use.
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At present, the most widely used field is the shear stress system of the shear pipe system. The shear pin is used to control the compensation action. When the pipe column is axially displaced by thermal stress, the bellows compensator cuts the pin and tools. The compensation part shrinks to achieve the compensation function. The technical performance requirements of such thermal stress compensators are:
The thermal stress compensator is part of the piping system column in the completion and requires a certain strength performance; the inner diameter of the thermal stress compensator must be the same as the inner diameter of the piping system used in conjunction with it, and the outer diameter requirement is adapted to the well diameter of the well to ensure that The annulus gap required for cementing can ensure the cementing quality; the thermal stress compensator requires good air tightness to ensure that cementing, hot injection, thermal recovery and no leakage occur; the thermal compensator needs to have corresponding The thermochemical stability and the nature of the corrosion resistant candle ensure the service life of the well piping system.
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