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Analysis of the matters needing attention in bearing matching

Source: Bearing network time: 2017-11-25

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According to the journal, the bearing is selected; that is, after the grinding of the crankshaft according to the regular repairing scale; the bearing installation with the regular repairing scale is selected; it conforms to the cooperation gap of the rule. The quality of the method is good; the operation is simple; and the working time can be shortened; When choosing a bearing, pay attention to the following items:
When selecting a new bearing; check the roundness and taper error of the bearing housing hole; make it conform to the specification rules. When viewing; tighten the bearing cap and seat according to the regular torque; use the cylinder table or inner diameter micrometer to view; its roundness and taper The error should not exceed 0. 02mm; otherwise it will damage the normal cooperation gap between the bearing and the journal; accelerate the wear of the bearing and the journal. After the new bearing is placed in the seat hole; each end of the upper and lower bearing pieces should be higher than the bearing seat surface. 03-0.04mm. This will make the bearing compact in the future; the shaft will be elastically deformed and close to the seat; it will not be loose; and it has excellent heat conduction function. The bearing bottom plate fixing teeth should be intact; otherwise, the bearing will be moved during work. Bit; lubricating oil channel is blocked; oil supply is suspended; burnt machine parts. The reverse side of the bearing should be lubricated and flat; do not answer the application of boring; or padded paper; avoid affecting heat dissipation. But in repair work; often encounter Some unavoidable conditions; if the bearing and journal are too large, or use old bearings; it is recommended to pad a thin layer of copper on the opposite side of the bearing; however, it is necessary to flatten and pour out the oil hole.

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