90 square meters 50,000 decoration budget is not expensive different price different effect of decoration out

Today, most people are under too much pressure to buy a house, and they have a limited budget to decorate. This is like a 90 square meter small-sized apartment renovation. It must have its own reasonable budget for decoration. So, generally 90 square meters of the house we hope to spend much money to decorate it? Finally buy a 90-square-new house, but the decoration budget can only be out of 50,000 West. So, 90 square meters 50,000 decoration how to do? 90 square meters 50,000 decoration budget is not expensive? 50,000 blocks to decorate a 90 square meter house, seemingly full of budget, in fact, for a 90 square meter house It is also a stretch. Next, let's take a look at how the gods perfectly used 50,000 yuan to decorate a 90 square meter house.

90 square meters decoration how much money?

1. Simple decoration: 90 square meters count small apartment, two-bedroom, budget can be controlled at 550-750 yuan / square, full package repair, the main material grade is low.

2. Mid-range decoration: all-inclusive, mid-range decoration, the budget should be around 850-1000 yuan / square meter, do a good job infrastructure projects, the main material mid-range.

3. High-end decoration: the high grade of decoration materials, the price is expensive, 90 square meters budget in 1200 -1800 yuan / square.

90 square meters 50,000 decoration how to do?

1, floor decoration

The ground is flat and can be used to attach floor tiles, and waterproofing can reduce a lot of trouble in the future. Floor decoration, you need to choose tiles, if there are patterns, warm colors, but the price is not too expensive, after all, is to save money.

2, wall decoration

The cement wall is painted with white latex paint, and part of the ceiling is to be used to cover the cantilever beam.

3, hydropower reform

The rough house must first undergo hydropower reform. It requires the designer to design it in advance and the cost is relatively large. Generally, the calculation is based on the number of meters, the price is high, and the labor cost is also high. A set of 90 square meters of rough house, the price of hydropower reform is about 10,000 yuan.

4, doors and windows decoration

Composite solid wood door prices between 300-1200 yuan / sets, non-painted door prices in the 400-800 yuan / fan; steel doors price 400-2000 yuan / fan around. Package flat door, 420 yuan / fan around; magnesium alloy sliding, 200 ~ 500 yuan / square meters.

5, kitchen decoration

The kitchen and bathroom project needs to be made of wall and floor tiles, and the wall and floor tiles are priced at RMB 75/sqm, covered by RMB 85/m and waterproofed at RMB 65/sqm. Cabinets, floors, walls, ceilings, and waterproof lights should cost at least 6,000 yuan. The bathroom also needs wall surfaces and ceilings and a waterproof layer, plus a few thousand dollars for sanitary ware.

90 square meters 50,000 decoration budget expensive?

From the cost breakdown, 90 square meters small apartment, 50,000 yuan can only do a simple decoration, many projects can not meet, decoration materials are not environmentally friendly. Decoration can't save money too much, but it may become a rental house effect. Before the renovation, try to choose the decoration company, do not spend money.

Editor's summary: The above is 90 square meters 50,000 decoration budget is not expensive different decoration of the different effects of the price out of the relevant knowledge, hope to help meet the needs of the friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention Our website, follow-up will present more exciting content!

90 square meters 50,000 decoration

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