2015 China Safe Top Ten Brand Enterprises Ranking

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The safe (box) is a special type of container. According to its functions, it is mainly divided into fireproof safes and anti-theft safes, anti-magnetic safes, fireproof and anti-magnetic safes and so on. What are the safe brand brands? What brand of safes is better? Pacific Security Network Xiaobian has compiled the top ten brands of safes for everyone, hoping to help you to buy what brand of safes.
1 Tiger brand (China famous brand, famous trademark of Hebei Province, famous brand of Hebei Province, one of the largest enterprises in the same industry in China, industry leading brand, Hebei Tiger Group Safe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
2 Yongfa (created in 1988, China famous brand, China famous brand, one of the largest safe production bases in China, one of the leading enterprises in the industry, Ningbo Yongfa Group Co., Ltd.)
3 Diebao (starting in 1859 in the United States, one of the world's largest financial equipment manufacturers, a well-known multinational corporation, high-tech enterprise, Shanghai Dibao Security Equipment Co., Ltd.)
4 Aipu (China Famous Brand, Zhejiang Famous Brand, High-tech Enterprise, China's largest safe cabinet manufacturer and one of the export earning bases, Ningbo Aipu Industrial Co., Ltd.)
5 Jiebao-Dawang (top ten brands of safes, China famous brand, Shanghai famous brand, Shanghai famous trademark, contract credit rating AAA, Shanghai service integrity advanced unit)
6 Almighty - Aneng (one of the world's most comprehensive and professional safe manufacturer, the leading safe manufacturer in mainland China, Foshan Aneng Safe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
7 Blue Shield (Hebei famous trademark, Hebei science and technology enterprise, top ten safe brand, famous brand in the industry, one of the backbone enterprises in China's safe production, Hebei Blue Shield Cabinet Co., Ltd.)
8 Fu Jia (professional research, development and production of anti-theft products, new high-tech enterprises, famous brands in the industry, top ten safe brands, Zhongshan Fujia Products Co., Ltd.)
9 Huadu (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Henan Famous Brand, Henan Famous Trademark, one of the largest steel furniture manufacturers in China, Luoyang Huadu Jinwan Group Co., Ltd.)
10 Feiyun (China famous brand, China famous brand, Heilongjiang famous trademark, Heilongjiang famous brand, industry influence brand, top ten safe brand, Harbin Feiyun Industrial Co., Ltd.)

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